Lock, Stock & Farrell is a full-service locksmith that supplies, installs, repairs, duplicates and replaces security devices like locks and keys and security alarm systems. We carry a full range of high-quality brand security products ranging from keys, to locks, to security alarm systems, to safes.

Our range of products are security products for residential and commercial dwellings and designed to suit your requirements. You’ll find everything from Master Key Systems that allows restricted access to rooms and keys cannot be duplicated without an authorised signature, to key cabinets, to safes and second hand safes, to remotes. Our selection is wide and our locksmith services are outstanding, offering our customers the best security protection. Our second-hand safes inventory will vary from week to week, but all safes are tested and high-quality safes from brand manufacturers.

Our locksmiths will be happy to assess your security needs, offering you your best options in security products, as well as to design a system that is an advanced system, offering optimal security. For more information, please contact a Lock, Stock & Farrell locksmith at the number below. We can also be reached through our “Get a Quote” form that is located on our web page.

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We are not just your quality supplier in security products, we are your highly rated locksmith, offering a full range of locksmith services, installations, repairs and maintenance.

Master Key Systems

Designed to suit your requirements, these can be on a standard or restricted broach. This allows restricted access to rooms, and if on restricted broach prevents duplication of keys without authorised signatures.

Key Cabinets 48 – 700 key capacity

Various size lockable key cabinets holding from 48 to 700 keys.

L&F Cam Locks

Cam locks come in many styles and are used for wooden and glass cabinet doors, desks letterboxes etc. Replacement keys for many filing cabinets can be made to code and posted out..

Gate latch

Designed to be fitted to metal and wooden gates. Does not require a lock box

Who has a copy of your office key?

Lock, Stock & Farrell Locksmith can supply and install a registered key system that will allow you to monitor your keys. We keep the codes, and keys can only be copied with an authoritative signature.

Restricted key systems
Commercial locks
Door closers
Access control
Cabinet and desk locks

Note: Your Master Key System can incorporate a combination of the systems described below. As simple or as complex as you need it to be.

Individually Keyed System

Individually Keyed System

With and individuallly keyed system, each lock can only be opened by its own individual key.

Keyed Alike System

This system allows for a number of locks to be operated by the same key. It is ideally suited to residential applications such as front and back doors. There is no limit to the number of locks which can be keyed alike.

Master Keyed System

A master keyed system is one where each lock has its own individual key which will not operate any other lock in the system, but where all locks in the system can be operated by one master key.

Grand Master Keyed System

The grand master keyed system is an extension of the master keyed sytem where each lock has its own individual key and the locks are divided into two or more groups, Each group of locks is operated by a master key, and the entire system is operated by one grand master key.

Maison Keyed System

This system is widely used in apartments, flats, office blocks, hotels and motels. Each apartment, flat or office has its own individual key which will not operate the lock to any other apartment, flat, hotel room or office, but will operate the locks to communal entry doors and other service areas.

Construction Keyed System

A system where it is necessary for contractors to gain entry to a building during construction but to prevent entry by the same contractors after the building has been occupied or handed over. It is possible to change from construction keying to normal as often as required.