How To Secure Your Home And Yourself In The Process

Your home is your sanctuary and that’s the way it should be.

Though crime rates in Australia are stable, you never know when the home a thief chooses to break into might be your own.

Secure Your Home Perth

Today, there are many home security tips you can use to keep you and your loved ones safe.  They include, but are not limited to – locks and bolts, security cameras, lights, thermostat systems, even smart phones and apps.

Which System Is Right For You – Really Depends On Your Home, Where It’s Located And The Value Of The Items You Possess.

Who’s Coming And Going

If you’re wealthy, you may have a steady stream of visitors. They may include, among others, cleaners, housekeepers, security personnel, tradespeople – even friends of friends and relatives.

Who Can You Really Trust Today?

Almost no-one. So, it pays to keep a close eye on all those entering your premises and leaving it. Using security cameras and monitors is one way to do this.

The other way is to keep a book or a swipe card that your visitors must use every time they gain access to your property.

Technology Can Help

Hub level systems can connect multiple sensors together using wi-fi, Z-wave, Zigbee Technologies or proprietary Mesh networks.

Using technology, you can create business rules that few others can. You can have set times when doors lock or unlock. You have alarms go on, or off. You can store video footage of people who come and go and have this accessible to a security company using a cloud-based storage and access solution that transmits images in real or near real time.

What About Motion Sensors?

They are useful because what they will do is prevent your security system from being accidentally tripped by a pet tortoise or mouse! Whether connected by cable or not.

Smart Locks Need An App On Your Phone To Open Them

What they give you to your home is keyless access to it.  With the app on your phone (do ensure you always leave it locked), you don’t have to worry about losing your keys (though you do have to worry about losing your phone!).

Your door lock is pre-coded with an electronic lock only you have the combination to!

If control is what you’ve always been after, then a smart locks connected to your mobile, is just the solution you’ve been looking to get.

Security Matters Just As Your Well Being Does

it is never recommended to take chances with your security, so we recommend you take none. Always ensure you solid locks on your doors and windows – if you need them. Never let anyone in your home you aren’t comfortable having around. When your property is safe, you are safe, as well.

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