Locksmith Jobs

  • Could you please quote on Rekeying of three security screens at our property in Booragoon. Thanks.
  • I have a 2001 BMW 530i that has only one Transponder Key. It also has remote central locking. I need a second transponder key. RCL is not really needed, but if it is possible to do I would like an estimate of the cost of that also. Thank you.
  • Can you please provide a quote to get a Remote Key Cut for a 2006 hunydai Getz
  • My key for MAZDA 2 Neo 2009 needs replacement of plastic parts.Please let me know what is the best way to do this. Thank you in advance.
  • I would like a quote please on a Suzuki Grand Vitara 2007 car key with inbuilt immobiliser.
  • I would like to know what the total cost would be for you to supply, cut and program a replacement smart key for our Hyundai i30 Premium (2012 GD model).We have lost one of the two keys that came with the car but have the spare and we can bring it and the car to you if that will reduce the cost at all.I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Can you please give me a quote on a replacement key for a Toyota Land Cruiser 1985 . The only key has been misplaced
  • Good morning, my wife has managed to lose both keys for her 2014 ford territory titanium and I am after a quote for replacements please, we are located in Ballajura 6066.
  • I have a Nissan Almera 2012, I left the keyless remote on top of the car and drove off, found keyless remote on road smashed and am now unable to start car. How much to get a remote for this car please?Thank you,
  • Would you please provide a quote for replacement keys for the following vehicles:
    Subaru Forester GX 1999, Subaru Outback Premium 2007 MY07
    I have working transponder keys for both vehicles.
  • Estimated cost for replacement car remote for a 2003 Mitsubishi Magna?
  • Can you give me a quote for a spare transponder key for a 2011/12VE SS Ute
  • Need a second remote fob for my MGF car.Original fob is a Lucas 3txa key fob – two button.
  • I got a 2013 Audi A1 from an auction which is not including keys. I want to make a new key, please give me a quotation.
  • Looking for a quote on getting a (brand new) Smart Key programmed for my Toyota Aurion 2007.
    I’ve lost the smart key, but have the actual key to get inside the car.
    I have already bought the new Smart Key, just need it to be programmed.
  • Hi I require quotes to replace lost spare flip out key and transponder, keys cut and programmed for a Hyundai Elantra 2013 and a VW UP! 2012. Many thanks
  • I have lost the transponder in two keys for an 07 2.4l Mitsubishi Lancer. Could you please quote on a replacement for two keys?
  • Hi, bought a car with only one key. Would like a quote for a second and if possible a remote key.
    Vehicle is a 2006 Corolla and VIN is JTDBR23E900250659
  • Please let me know how much a Remote Key would be for a Saab 93 (2000 year model) and how I would go about getting one.
  • Hi I would like a quote for Hyundai i30 Key Replacement.
  • hi, how much do you charge for replacing a dead lock on a residence door?
  • Hi. My car was stolen and later recovered however the keys the thieves took weren’t recovered. Was interested in some quotes and options for changing the ignition and and door looks. The car is a 2002 ford falcon. Thanks in advance
  • hello, how much for transponder key for bmw 328i 1999 e46.?
  • I have lost my transponder to my 2007 Proton Jumbuck while I replaced my remote battery.Are you able to assist and how much would it cost?
  • Audi 80 b4 1995 .cobbler plus lost my transponder chip car will not start.
  • Please advise whether you can replace & program remote for hyundai tucson 2007
  • Hi looking for a replacement for a 2005 mitsubishi triton glx single cab ute.i have the original but its damaged and would like to replace it.could i get a quote please
  • Hi,can you replace & program key for Saab 93 2007. And how much would that be,cheers
  • Hello, I have had a set of keys to my apartment stolen and would like the locks replaced. Would someone be available to come out on Wednesday the 17th to replace the locks in Victoria parks.
  • Hi Guys, need to get a replacement key/transponder for an Audi A6 2007. Original has been lost.
    Please quote me a price thanks.
  • Are you able to supply a new key and transponder/remote for a BMW X5 E53 2006? How much would this cost?
  • Hello, I would like a quote for a spare key for a 2002 BMW 318i. As the car is a ‘cheapie’ that I have bought to do up, can you program spare keys bought from on-line?
  • Hi, Looking for a quote to replace missing key for a Hyundai i30 2014 vehicle. I have one key but the person who just sold it to me did not have the other. If price is right is this something I could get done on Monday if I came to you.
  • I had ford and toyota spare car keys has been stolen from burglary. Need a quote for replacement those keys please. Thanks.
  • Could you please provide a quote for transponder key for Subaru Imprezza 2010. I have one set so will be just copying a spare.
  • I would like to get a quote on replacing a Car Key FOB for a 2006 Corolla. It is a 1 button FOB separate from the key. I would need it programmed and would purchase 2 of them depending on quote/availabilty etc the new FOB doesn’t have to be 1 button if that makes it easier.
  • I have a Toyota corolla, and would need duplicate key for emergency purpose. Please can you revert back to
    me the quote for providing a duplicate key.
  • Can you quote for a spare key supply, cut and program for a Mazda cx5 2012. Its the two button proximity key. Do you supply the genuine Mazda key? We can bring vehicle to you, this is for a spare as back up to the single key.
  • Hi I am after a quote for a Ford territory TX 2008
    ( lost car key)
  • Got a Mitsubishi lancer ES 2012, no keys i only got the remote control.Kindly give me a quote?- Harrisdale
  • Need a spare remote key for my 2008 Pajero NS.
  • Replacement transponder fob for 2012 Toyota Prado – price and availability please. Include programming and cut
  • I’m in a lot of trouble with my lost keys. Here’s why: they were remote keys to an imported from Japan 2006 Lexus GS350.
    Lexus Australia will replace the keys at the price of my right arm and first born child.
    The process involves programming the computer with a scan tool in order to authorise the new key to start the engine. I have the key code for the mechanical key opens the doors but doesn’t start the car which is not of much help. Oh yeah, the car is all in japanese.
  • I like a quote to get a second auto key made for 2000 BMW 318i E46 that will unlock/lock and start the engine.
  • Have bought a 1999 NB Mazda MX5 , Have just a single key but no key fob, Looks like actuator not working in LH door , Can you give me a rough estimate to et contral locking working and supply 1 or 2 keys and fob .- Churchlands
  • I require a quote for a keyless entry key for my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have misplaced my spare.
  • Hi, can I pls get a quote for remote spare key for Subaru Forester 2010?
  • Hi I’m looking for a spare key for a Mitsubishi Pajero 2007 Generation 4 as I only have one. Could you quote me a price for a coded second key, I’m in Eglinton.
  • Can you give me a price on supply, cut and code a key for my 2002 AU3 falcon. I have a key but want a second.
  • I have a 2010 Honda Civic car key that has a broken outer shell – I still have all the parts of the key (chip / key itself / transponder) but the casing cracked and broke. he replacement case I bought off eBay has a new metal key attached – what is a quote to turn that into he key if I have all the parts, or using th old key some how and just transferring shell- Ferndale 
  • Hi, I was wondering about the cost for a replacement key for my Volkswagen Amarok (2011).
    I have the original key/remote/transponder. – Embleton
  • I have only one key (with the remote) for my 1999 Saab 9 3 convertible. How much will it cost to get a spare key and remote? – Martin
  • I am looking for a quote for a replacement car key. The car is a 2008 Volkswagen Golf TDI. Not an urgent replacement, so look forward to receiving your quote.- Aubin Grove 
  • One of my two remotes for a 2006 Hyundai Tucson (series one) has stopped working, can you provide and program a replacement please and provide an estimated cost. – Marangaroo
  • Replacement key inc cutting and coding for VZ commodore- Tapping
  • I have 2011 Hyundai santé fe. only have 1 working key. how much to replace and do you need car. Im in country.- Campbell
  • I have inherited a 2003 audi A4 that has only one key. I was wondering how much it would cost to get a second key with immobiliser?. – Edgewater
  • Lost key and fob to 2009 Harley Davidson Fatbob. How much for a new set? Do not have a spare so we lost the only set. – Shelley
  • Hi, I am looking for a replacement key for a Holden YG Cruze 2002 model, as I’ve lost my original key. Is it possible to get an estimate quote for the replacement?- Safety Bay
  • We have moved into our house and have no key for our meter box or alarm box. Can you tell me how much replacement keys would be. thanks. – Spearwood
  • Just purchased a 2000 Nissan ST Patrol with only 1 key. Please quote on a spare key. – Girrawheen
  • I have one transponder key for my 2012 Hyundai Elantra, how much would a replacement spare transponder key cost? – Madeley
  • 2008 Parado, lost keys need new one plus it programmed. Not in a rush as it’s been getting work done for months. – Beckenham 
  • Have a proton Preve key with remote on the key and would like to get another.
    I have a code given me by the Dealer i bought it from “31346”
    Is this any help at all?
    Do you need to have the car?. – Myaree
  • Hi I have had my keys stolen to my 2009 Ford FG F6 310 Ute. I want to know how much will it cost for the keys to be cut and coded to my vehicle. – Hamilton Hill
  • Lost the fob for my Hyundai santa fe highlander 2013. I have the key still. Just need a new fob and reprogramming. Wondering how much you charge for a new fob and reprogramming of the transponder chip. Perth CBD
  • We recently had our master key stolen to our Toyota Hilux 2006 model. We have a spare transponder key, but not key less entry now. It will open/start the car though. As we work in dodgy areas, we now do not want whomever has the master to just walk up and open the door – and even steal it!
    Can you please advise costs on replacing the barrels on the 2 doors and ignition and supplying 2 new transponder keys (1 with remote maybe)?
    Or can you cut a new transponder key from the existing if it is not the master key?. – Bayswater
  • Hi l have a 99 bmw 323i some is wrong with the internals inside the key it will not lock or unlock anything now,l have fitted a new battery in it but it is dead,it still starts car can you fix this please if you can l will bring the key in on friday thanks.- Bedfordale
  • Price on a replacement and programming of a smart key for a Toyota Prado 2015. – Mindarie
  • Hi I would like a rough quote on transponder key for a Ford Ranger PX 2015. A remote key and a control key and a basic key entry and starting key. I have one original remote key and the car VIN and key details fro.m the ford book. – Waikiki
  • Could I get a price for a replacement key for an Audi A3 (2013). – Mount Pleasant
  • Can you give me a price please to provide a duplicate ignition key for a 2011 Audi Q7. – Glendalough
  • Looking to get a spare FOB (Denso 14ACX) and Key + Cut and program for a 2010 150 series Toyota Prado. – Trigg
  • I have a lexus 2006 rx-350, and am looking for a replacement key. I have the original key, but it is just broken at the end where the metal goes into the plastic bit.Please can you let me know the cost, and also how you work for getting it replaced. – Yokine
  • Can you please quote on a replacement key for a 2001 BMW sedan.- Mount Nasura
  • Can I please get a quote to replace my Hyundai i20 (2012) remote key. I have lost my spare key. – Shelley
  • I have a 2010 Nissan Patrol DX and I’m looking at getting remote central locking installed. The Patrol already has central locking just not the remote key.
    I noticed Nissan is not listed in your remote key page, is this something you guys do, if so how much am I looking at?.- Shenton Park
  • Chasing a quote to replace and reprogram a key and 2 fobs for a 2003 350z. I have one key and fob currently, but after a spare key and 2 new fobs.. – Oldsbury
  • Hi I have a MY15 MN Mitsubishi Triton and a MY12 PB Mitsubishi Challenger. We have lost the spare key for both of these cars and after a quote to get a spare key for each vehicle made up. – Mosman Park
  • I have replaced the battery in the key fob of a HYUNDAI i30 2010.
    The immobiliser seems to have stopped working. The spare still works.- Hocking 
  • For a Hyundai i30 Key fob not working….and ended with ‘Can pickup” .. I meant to say can deliver and pickup / come to you. – Helena Valley
  • I have lost car key for Toyota corolla 2009, how much do u charge for new key ?- Waikiki
  • I’ve 9old 2004 BMW 318i and its remote key is not working but manually does. How much would it cost me for a new working remote key.- East Victoria Park
  • Hi guys I have a 2009 Toyota hilux and need to have the keys synced with the bcm/ecu again. Are you able to help? – Carmel
  • Hello, I want to find out the cost of making spare key for 2015 corolla ZRE182R model.- Guildford
  • I have a 2007 Renault Megane. I had only one key and it was stolen, the car is currently unlocked, in a locked garage. Can you please give me a quote on 2 replacement keys, and lock barrel (there is only one in the LH door), or a quote on just the programming/cutting of keys if I have blank ones, and the removal of previous keys from being able to open the car? .- Mundijong
  • I have lost my 1999 Honda Civic chipped key.- Waterford
  • Hi please advise cost for 2nd key for 2007 VW Touareg tdi.- Pearsall
  • How much for 2009 Dodge avenger spare remote-key? – Glendalough
  • I need a replacement key for 2005 Mazda Tribute. The car only came with 1 key. Bickley
  • Looking for a second key to be cut for my 2011 VW golf GTI. Could I please have a quote? – Osborne Park
  • I have recently purchased a 2011 Lexus IS250 and am looking to get a spare key.
    The chipboard on the factory smart key.
    Can you supply an aftermarket smart key, and if so please provide a quote.- West Perth 
  • Gday I am after a price on a remote type key for a Isuzu Dmax 2013 and also a Ford Focus 2014. – East Perth