Home Lockouts: Things You Should Do To Prevent A House Lockout

There are various tips that you can follow to prevent a house lockout. Some of these include:

1.     Keep A Spare Key Somewhere Else:

This doesn’t mean that you give the key to any random person, neighbour, guard etc. Don’t trust anyone blindly; they can break i to your house when you aren’t there. Hence, look out for someone reliable and the one you trust. This could be your parents, grandparents, or your siblings who are living someplace else or even the neighbours who you trust the most.

Home Lockouts In Perth

By keeping a spare key you’ll never be in great trouble. Keep an extra key in your car, as well. This will help when you have taken your car keys but forgotten the ones you need the most i.e., of course, your home. Don’t keep the spare key under the door or the mat because it is impractical, and someone can see you using it. Plus, this is being done for centuries now and isn’t the most secure way to keep a spare.

2.     Get A Phone Case With An Ability To Hold Your Keys:

Alas! You can forget your house or car keys, but it is highly unlikely that you have forgotten your mobile. There are some cell phone covers that have an extra space to adjust your keys, you can just fit in a spare key in one of those cases and stop worrying. This is the most practical solution because your mobile phone can’t run away and break in to your house.

3.     Start And Follow A Habit / Ritual:

Well this is a bit unreliable then the other methods but try to make a habit of checking your mobile phone, car key, house key, wallet/purse and other essentials. This way, the chances of getting you locked out will drop significantly.

However, in case you’ve locked yourself out, do not break the locks yourself or try to enter by opening some windows or anything crazy like that. Just call a professional locksmith in your area. If you live in Perth, LSF locksmiths Perth have got you covered. Do not panic and call us at 08 9444 2089.

LSF locksmiths Perth sends professional locksmiths 24/7 so it doesn’t matter if you have locked yourself out at 4 AM in the morning or 12 in the noon. LSF Locksmith handles every kind of emergency locksmith in Perth.

If you are reading this and you aren’t stuck in a house lockout, we suggest you save this number in your phone (or any other professional locksmith’s number, for that matter) for emergency use.