Door Fittings

Finding the right lock means finding the right home and office security. Locks and hardware are more than finishing touches in a dwelling. They are the foundation of your security. AMCO Locksmith offers a collection of high quality door fittings that are designed specifically with the intention of style and top security. Our styles include classic and contemporary designs that are perfectly fitted for all types of styles of doors, as well as offer various levels of security.

Our selection door fittings include entrance sets, dead bolts, dead locks, and digital combination locks. With a wide range of door fittings in a variety of finishes that are affordable, we do have the fitting that will style your door as well as offer the best security. Our locksmiths will be happy to discuss your best security options, ensuring you have the best fit for your security needs for your home or office. We furnish front door fittings, sliding glass door fittings and window fittings.

For more information on our AMCO Locksmith Perth’s door fittings and finishes, as well as prices, please contact us at the number below. Our locksmith systems are designed for individual doors, or to fit the entire home or office. We can also be contacted through our “Get a Quote” form here on our web page.

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Individually Keyed System

With and individually keyed system, each lock can only be opened by its own individual key.

Dead Bolt – double cylinder

Lock with a key on both sides, throwing a bolt into the frame.
Colours: satin stainless, polished brass, antique bronze

Dead Bolt – single cylinder

Lock with key on one side and turn snib on the other, throwing a bolt into the frame.
Colours: satin stainless, polished brass, antique bronze

Dead Latch

Self-latching, key operated both sides with deadlock feature. Hold back feature to prevent locking yourself out!
Colours: satin chrome, gold plated, bright chrome, brown, white

Lockwood Dead Lock 355/303

Designed for French doors with interlocking bolts. These are key operated on the outside. Deadlocking feature available on 355 only.


Designed for security screen doors. Latch goes into frame and can be locked by key or snib.
Colours: silver, brown, black, doeskin (beige)

Lockwood Digital Locks

Mechanical digital lock, compatible with 002, 530 and 3572. Also available with an override key, providing a keyless entry.
Colours: satin chrome, polished brass