Remotes are the convenience of advanced technology, offering total control. Remotes are used for all types of property. Nearly every vehicle is equipped with a remote key system. But remotes are not just used for unlocking and starting your vehicle. Remotes are also used for roller gates and doors, as well as a number of other items like blinds, garage doors, television sets, etc. offering the property owner a service that is cost efficient and convenient. AMCO Locksmith supplies and programs remotes for cars, gates and roller doors.

We offer a full range of remotes, including but not limited to:


After Market Remote, Commodore Remote, Ford AU Series 2 & 3 Remote, Ford BA and BF Remote, Ford EB and AU Remote, Mitsubishi Verada Magna Remote, Semi Transparent Remote, Toyota Camry Glove Box Remote, Toyota Camry Glove Box 2 Remote

Garage and Gate Doors

After Market Remote, ATA Secure Code Garage Remote, D & D3 Vanilla Remote, B & D Remote, ECA Garage 4 Button Remote, ELSEMA Roller Door Remote, Merlin 3 Button Remote, Merlin Big Blue Remote, ATA Garage Remote, Dominator Garage and Gate Remote

We also supply replacement batteries to remotes. To discuss your remote needs, please contact AMCO Locksmith at the number below. We can also be reached through our “Get a Quote” form located on our web page.

Call us at 08 9444 2089

At AMCO Locksmiths, you can be assured you will be fitted with the best remote for your property.


After Market Remote

Commodore Remote

Ford AU Series 2 & 3 Remote

Ford BA and BF Remote

Ford EB and AU Remote

Mitsubishi Verada Magna Remote

Semi Transparent Remote

Toyota Camry Glove Box Remote

Toyota Camry Glove Box 2 Remote

Garage and Gates

After Market Remote

ATA Secure Code Garage Remote

B & D 3 Vanilla Remote

B & D Remote

ECA Garage 4 Button Remote

Elsema Roller Door Remote

Merlin 3 Button Remote

Merin Big Blue Remote

ATA Garage Remote

Dominator Garage and Gate Remote