Safes are offered in a variety of dimensions, features and locking systems- electronic, combination and key. Safes are an important in a home or office to protect belonging like guns, valuables and documents keeping them safe from fire, vandalism, theft or harm and offering the property owner peace of mind. AMCO Locksmith supplies, installs and repairs a full range of home and office safes.

  • Combination Lock – Locks that are operated by a dial set to a combination of numbers that must be matched to unlock the safe.
  • Key Lock – Operated with the use of a fitted key.
  • Digital Lock – Operated by use of a push button keypad that is sequenced with a combination of numbers that must be matched to unlock the safe.

Our selection in high quality safes for the home and office include freestanding safes that can be bolted down for security, below ground safes and gun cabinet safes. Our safes are ready to install and come in a variety of dimension, offering the ideal size for your irreplaceable valuables, documents and guns.

  • Free Standing – AMCO freestanding safes range in sizes and colours and bolt down to the floor to ensure security.
  • Below Ground Safes – AMCO below ground safes can be fitted into wood or concrete floors and come in a variety of dimensions and colours.
  • Gun Cabinets – Our gun cabinet safes fit 5 rifles and are available in digital combination locking only.
  • Second Hand Safes – AMCO second hand safes vary in the manufacturer, size and colours.

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Second Hand Safes

We have a large range of second hand safes on offer – give us a call on 9277 7117 for more information.

Free Standing

These safes come in a large range of sizes and colours, and bolt down to the floor.

Below Ground

These safes can be fitted into concrete or wooden floors. The two standard sizes are: 315mm H x 215mm W x 325mm D, and 390mm H x 315mm W x 395mm D.

Gun Cabinets

Fits 5 rifles, digital combination locking only, size 1450mm H x 350mm W x 300mm D.

Locking Types


Operated by a dial with a combination of numbers to unlock


Operated by a key.

Digital Combination

Operated by a push-button key pad with a combination of numbers to unlock.