What Do You Do When The People Who Don’t Turn Up To Your Office Are The Ones With The Keys To It?

Register with us at Perth Locksmiths and if you are locked out of your office, we will prioritise your call ahead of others we receive.

Chucking a sickie is a national pastime in Australia.

Every year, 180,000 people take a sickie – mysteriously, on Mondays. The cost to business owners? $62 million in lost income and wages.

Emergency Locksmith Service Perth

Besides money, what sickies cost is embarrassment

No business owner, or customer, likes to see staff waiting outside a locked office at 9 AM.

So what we’ve developed at Perth Locksmiths is a Priority Attention service that you can register as a ‘Preferred Customer’ for.

If your staff don’t turn up- we will

Sometimes your staff won’t turn up because they are genuinely unwell. Sometimes, they’ll just need to take a break from the office because of the stress a major project may have caused them.

The show must go on

As a ‘Priority Customer’ with us, it will. If you are registered with us at Perth Locksmiths, and happen to be locked out of your office, we will prioritise your call – and put it ahead of others we receive on the day!

Our commercial locksmith professionals handle all types of locksmith problems, including emergency locksmith problems in Perth.

To register, simply call us on 08 9444 2089 and we’ll get your details over the phone. We are open day and night – just the way emergency chemists are.