Who To Call When You Need A Perth Locksmith- FAST

When you need emergency locksmith services in Perth, typically you don’t have time to research locksmiths. LSF Locksmiths Perth offers the following tips.

Ask Friends and Family

Your first step in finding a locksmith is to ask friends and family if they have a locksmith they recommend. If not, then the Yellow Pages and the Internet are your next options. Of the two, the Internet will offer more information on locksmiths than your local Yellow Pages. If your locksmith issue has to do with your automobile, and you have a roadside service, contact them first.

Choosing a Locksmith

Once you have found a few local locksmiths, write down the names of several, along with their telephone numbers and addresses and contact each. If the company answers with a generic phrase like “Locksmith Perth Services” hang up and call another locksmith.

Get an Estimate

All locksmiths should offer a fixed priced quote upfront. If they do not, then contact the next Locksmith on your list.

When getting a quote:

Ask if there will be any additional fees like travel time, etc.

Bonded and Insured

Ask the locksmiths if they are bonded and insured and what their policy number is. If insurance is not carried, do not do business with the company.

When the Locksmith Arrives

Locksmiths should arrive in a marked company vehicle. Regardless of their vehicle, always ask for identification, including a business card and a locksmith license. Your security and safety could be compromised by someone posing as a locksmith.

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