Second Hand Safes

At AMCO, we offer a wide range of second-hand safes. Our range of safes will vary from time to time, so what we have today we may not have tomorrow. Our selection in second-hand safes can be limited or limitless, depending on our inventory at the time you contact us.

Our selection of second-hand safes are high-quality safes from brand manufacturers and designed to protect valuables, documents and guns from fire, theft, vandalism and harm.
Safes range in styles:

  • Free Standing Safes – Our range of second-hand, free-standing safes are designed to bolt to the floor and range in sizes and colours.
  • Gun Cabinet Safes – Our range of second-hand gun cabinet safes range in sizes and colours.
  • Below Ground Safes – Our range of second hand below ground safes can be fitted into concrete or wood floors and are offered in a variety of sizes and colours.

Our safes are offered in a range of locking systems:

  • Combination Locking Safes
  • Key Operated Locking Safes
  • Digital Operated Locking Safes

Our second-hand safes are tested to ensure they offer the protection that they were built for. For more information on our second-hand safes Perth, contact AMCO Locksmiths Perth. Our locksmiths will be happy to assist you with your second hand safe needs, assessing your needs and offering you your best options in second hand safes from AMCO Locksmiths Perth.

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Makutz Freestanding Safe Coode 2K

  • Standalone, key lockable safe
  • 1070mm High
  • 660mm Deep
  • 710mm Wide
  • 3 Shelf
  • 2 cash drawers

Safe 1GSK Coode 1GSK

  • 615 Deep
  • 670 Wide
  • 920 High
  • 2 Shelves

CMI Safe with La Guard Combination Lock Coode 1D

  • 615 Deep
  • 590 Wide
  • 900 High
  • 3 Shelves
  • 2 Cash Boxes

4 Drawer “B” Class Filing Cabinet Coode GREEN FILING CABINET

  • Manafoil Combination Lock
  • 3 Independant Locking Drawers