How Do I Choose the Right Door Lock?

Door locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes while still serving the aim of keeping your home secure. However, it may occur to you how critical it is to select the appropriate door lock for your property, whether it is knob-like or a horizontal handle to twist open. However, you may recognize a couple of these door locks that you might select and put in your home shortly.

What are the seven types of door locks for your house?

Ensuring that your door stays locked at necessary times requires the knowledge of these standard door locks that vary in feature. Feel free to contact a professional Perth Locksmith for more information. The seven door lock types are knob, cam, deadbolt, padlocks, mortise, keypad, and smart. 

Knob Locks

The circle-shaped doorknob that many people recognize is called a knob lock. It is because it works so that the lock cylinder is at its center, where you can insert a key for locking and unlocking. However, it would not be an ideal type if you installed it in the outermost parts of your home where burglars might break in by using a hammer or even a wrench. 

Cam locks

Ever wonder how your drawers stayed locked? It is because of cam locks which work as fasteners in securing a closed drawer or door. The cylindrical-shaped safety is identical to a knob lock so that you can insert a key in the middle, which controls the bolt to whether lock it or not. Thus, cam locks are essential and appropriate for the safekeeping of material objects in the house, such as crucial files or even clothes. 

Deadbolt locks

Want an even more secure door lock? Deadbolt locks act as double protection that sits right above a knob lock (or any other door lock). What makes it entirely guaranteed of break-ins is that it doesn’t have a spring that you can pick through other sharp tools similar to a key. The first of the three types of deadbolt locks is a single-cylinder type which can be unlocked from the exterior side of the door with a key and locked through the inside by twisting a small handle or a thumb turn piece. 

The second is the double-cylinder that relies solely on using a key to lock and unlock a door. The third is the vertical deadbolt opposite the single and double-cylinder so that the bolt moves in a vertical direction. In this way, jamming up the lock through a crowbar would be difficult for anyone who attempts. 


Padlocks are more removable and portable than the first three types of door locks. A loop-shaped metal shackle keeps the door locked so that you can only open it through a key or a number combination. 

Mortise locks

This type of door lock is setlike because its installation is on both sides of the door and the edge. The doubled offered protection is seen through its rectangular pocket at the very edge of the door or amortize because it corresponds to a mortise’s function and a lever-like handle and a cam lock just right above. 

Keypad locks

A more technological approach to door locks is by using a keypad lock. The security solely relies on a numerical combination. However, a mechanical process would be similar to the functionality of knob or deadbolt locks. Still, it has a keyhole for different situations of technical difficulties and manages to keep doors locked through a customized password that limits access.

Smart locks

Like keypad locks, this electronic door lock covers many ways to unlock a door besides using a combination and key. These locks can be powered up through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and opened through a phone. Moreover, it requires a regular change of battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do door locks cost?

It all depends on whatever type of door lock you believe is best for your approval. Cylindrical deadbolt locks for commercial use, for example, can range in price from $97.69 to $137.20. Even if it is of the same essential type and brand, it differs significantly in its form and model, making selection more difficult.

What else should I consider before buying door locks?

Besides door locks as a primary security installation, the backset is also essential, which is the measurement between the lock hole’s center and the edge of the door to evaluate if the lock fits. Another factor is the door handedness that determines how a person will open the door in terms of directions. 

Door locks require a specificity for their door handedness depending on whether it is a right-handed door (a right-aligned hinge) or the opposite on the left side. For instance, a deadbolt can work in either direction. 

Can I install a door lock on my own?

With the appropriate amount of hard work, you can do it yourself with just a few accessible tools in hardware stores. However, to save time, locksmiths like Locksmiths Perth are more equipped to install your door lock for you. In addition, their expertise in particularly incorporating door locks can also deepen your knowledge about door locks you might want to invest in for extra security in your house. 


Door locks play a crucial part too in your and your family’s safety. Each of the seven different door lock types is appropriate for any situation you might think of regarding security. A mix of both varying door locks can also be possible to ensure a safe and locked home at any time of the day. To best start it off, assistance from a locksmith can get your door locked in no time.