Windows and Sliding Door Fittings

Sliding glass door fittings vary, and your selection in a fitting will be based on the type of sliding glass door you have, its dimensions and the level of security you desire. AMCO Locksmith Perth offers a wide range of sliding glass door fittings, including but not limited to:

Guide Rail, Double Track, Slide Rail, Plastic Profile, Clip-On Dust Protection Rail, Roller Unit, End Stop, Slide Rail Lock, 4 Articles w/ Key, 1 Articles w/ Key, 2 Articles w/ Key

Glass hardware needs to be high quality. AMCO Locksmiths Perth delivers state of the art technology that adds elegance and safety to your locking system. Our sliding glass door fittings are convenient and user friendly, enhancing the appearance of your door, and providing home and business owners with the peace of mind that their establishment is being protected with their best options in sliding glass door protection. We offer Perth home and business owners a wide selection in quality locks that are available in various colours like silver, brown, black, and doeskin (beige).

For more information on our sliding glass door fittings, please contact us at the number below. One of our locksmiths will be happy to consult with you to discuss your best options in security and style for your slider. We can also be contacted through our “Get a Quote” form located on our web page.

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Vent Lock

Designed for sliding aluminium windows. Push button to lock, key to release. (Jason windows need modified vent locks.)
Colours: silver, brown, black, doeskin (beige)

Multi Bolt

These are lockable bolts designed for wooden frames, sash or casement windows.
Colours: silver, brown, black, doeskin (beige)

Patio Bolts

Can be installed to sliding, French or double doors. The bolt is pushed into the floor or top of frame and locked with a key.
Colours: silver, brown, black, doeskin (beige)


Designed for sliding doors.
Colours: silver, brown, black, doeskin (beige)