Master Keys in Perth

If you were to take a look at your key chain or key rack, you’d probably notice that you have over ten keys dangling around on them. Pretty much every door in our homes has a key. There’s one for the bedroom, one for the guest room, one for the front door, another for the back door, garage, shed and so on. If you’ve pretty much got the same lock around your home, it can be pretty frustrating having to try all these different keys that look the same just to enter the room. Many people don’t realize that they can, indeed, get a master key that will open every door in their home. This is very convenient, as it cuts down on the amount of keys that you’ll have to carry around, as well as the frustration that comes with not knowing which key opens which door.

A master key is one which opens several different locks. The key may bear a striking resemblance to your other keys. This is because the main part of the configuration occurs within the locks that the key is designed to open. The mechanism inside the lock allows not only the master key to being able to open it, but also another specific key, or set of keys which bare the same marks. Where the master key is concerned, the grooves inside of all the locks that have been structured to take the master key, will be the same. The difference within these locks will be the grooves (and in some cases cylinders) that accept other keys.

Why to get a Master Key:

A master key will allow you to have less of a bundled key chain. It will also decrease the possibility of you forgetting certain key behind, as all you’ll need to remember is this one key, the master key. Landlords who own a set of apartments and thus may need to open up for their tenants every once in a while also find master keys very useful. Rather than having a different key for each apartment, all they’ll need is a single key.

What to be aware of:

When you purchase a new home, it is important, for your safety, to determine whether or not the locks in your home were designed to take a master key. Especially if the landlord hasn’t given you this information, you’ll want the comfort of knowing that you are indeed the only one who has access to your home. Hiring a locksmith is the best way to determine this. They’d take a look at your locks and let you know if the construction of them was made to accept a master key. In the case that they are, you may want to consider having your locksmith make the necessary amendments to your locks so that only the keys that you are in possession of, have the ability to open your doors.

Locksmiths are necessary

Educating you about master keys isn’t the only purpose a locksmith serves. In fact, they are knowledgeable on many aspects of home security, including deadbolts, alarm systems and surveillance systems as well as getting you into your home or car if you’ve, unfortunately, managed to lock yourself out. It is important to have a locksmith’s number on hand, in case of emergencies. Locking yourself out of your home may be rather frustrating, but not knowing where to start when it comes to getting back in, can be even more stressful. For a professional locksmith Perth company that is affordable, quick to the rescue and professional, consult Locksmiths Perth.