What are Access Control Systems

Access control systems are all the rage lately. But, what exactly is an access control system, you find yourself asking? Well, an access control system is just a glamorous way of calling a proper security system. When we talk about access control, we are thinking about a premise as a whole, instead of individual locks or safes. Access control systems are designed and developed for offices and premises where security is of high importance. From small to medium-sized businesses to factories and warehouses, modern access control systems are employed just about everywhere.

In any typical office, factory, or any other building, there are often multiple copies of keys given to several people who are in charge of some portions of the building or have duties at different times of a day. As a building has many locks and many keys for each lock, it becomes fairly easy to make a duplicate. Cases of missing or stolen locks are also a common story in any office. While an employee might have just lost a key, it puts an entire business’ security at risk.

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What should a business owner do then? Access control systems are designed to help in these scenarios as they offer tighter control over the security of your business. There are several types of access control systems that are employed to help businesses secure their premises, assets and employees. Some of the types of access control system include:

• Fingerprint locks
• Smartphone operated access control locks
• Exit Devices
• Digital Keypad Locks
• Electric Strikes
• Remotes
• Magnetic Locks

With the above and various other modern lock systems, a business security manager has better control over the security of a building as they are able to monitor who gets in and who is in charge of which doors. Doors can individually be assigned giving access to only those who are permitted by the security manager. In the similar way, the staff only gets in from the designated front door to get inside the building.

Thus, access control systems are designed to improve the security of your building and also to keep your building’s residents or employees safe. The building remains locked to everyone else, as they won’t be able to get in unless authorised by you. With the modern technologies, access control systems have become more intelligent providing a convenient, affordable and fool-proof way of securing a building.

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